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The Importance of Outdoor Cooking Accessories

Having the right outdoor cooking accessories can make your grilling or barbecuing experience more enjoyable. There is nothing like cooking outside on the grill. This is usually the time when the man of the house takes over and wants to show off his expertise. This is all wonderful if the grilled items turn out okay. But, as we all know, this is sometimes not the case. Instead of organizing and scheduling the food according to grilling times, a lot of misguided men will burn hamburgers, steaks and even ears of corn to a burnt crisp. What a shame. This probably could have been avoided if they had the right outdoor cooking supplies and used their organizational skills a little bit more.

The Serving Tray

Never forget the serving tray. It is one of the most important outdoor cooking accessories available and you should not be without it. Why is it that men will take raw meat out to the grill in a one container, but forget to take out an extra serving tray for the grilled meat? Most importantly, why do they insist on putting the cooked meat back into the very container that once held the raw meat? Not only is this unsanitary, but it is just plain gross. With the right outdoor cooking accessories, this can be avoided altogether. No one will have to worry about getting sick. Outdoor cooking supplies are there for a reason. Use them. Start with a serving tray that keeps cooked and raw meats separated. It is one of the most important outdoor cooking supplies when it comes to barbecuing and grilling.

The Big Fork

Once again, why grill without all of the necessary outdoor cooking accessories. No one can grill without the "big fork." It is a necessity for turning over the meat. It is needed to help make sure the meat is not cooked to a burnt crisp. However, it never fails. Your husband always has to send someone back into the house to get the big fork. Or, worse, he goes back into the house himself to get the big fork. This almost leads to burnt meat because he generally forgets why he went into the house to begin with. He always seems to get sidetracked. Sadly enough, this is all because he is not organized and does not have the right outdoor cooking supplies at his side.
In conclusion, outside grilling time should not result in burnt to the crisp food. It is not that hard to grill food that turns out juicy, succulent and ready to eat. It is all a matter of purchasing the right outdoor cooking accessories and getting organized. Buy a cluster of outdoor cooking supplies and make sure that they are all in your possession before the grilling starts. This will make it easier to watch the grill and enjoy your family and friends all at the same time.


Just How Does Outdoor Navigation Work?

There are still a lot of people that have not yet invested in an outdoor navigation system because they do not understand how it works. Therefore, they are not able to see the true value in it. With outdoor GPS, you will find that there are many benefits to its use, other than knowing which way is north. When you finally have a crystal clear understanding of how it works and what makes it something that everyone should have, you will find that you will want to purchase one for your own use.

Now, even though the outdoor navigation unit for personal use is somewhat newer, the concept behind the GPS units has been in use since 1978 when the first ever Global Positioning System satellite was put into use up in space. of course, the current GPS systems that people are used to for their vehicles is slightly different because road names are used instead and latitude and longitudes.

The basics of how the outdoor navigation system works is really simple to understand once you start to read up on it. There are GPS satellites in space that will send signals down to your GPS equipment that you are using on the ground. The outdoor GPS unit that you would be using will only receive signals, never sending them.

For the outdoor navigation systems to have the best chance at working properly, they are going to have to have a clear view, without any obstructions, of the sky. Because of this, should you find yourself lost in the forest, you might need to find the highest ground or clearest location in order to receive the outdoor GPS signals that are being sent out.

Now that you know a little more about how the outdoor navigation system works and what benefit it could be to you, you are going to want to start shopping around in order to find your best options. The more you search, the more you will learn and the more excited you will be to finally start putting your new outdoor GPS unit to the test! Since you know how they work, you will be able to make the most out of them!

Shop around for the best deals possible in order to make sure that you are getting the best product for the best possible price. In order to do this, you are probably going to want to make sure that you are sticking to the online choices as this is how you are going to be able to make the best comparisons in the smallest amount of time!


How to Shop for an Outdoor Camping Tent

The right outdoor camping tent can turn a good camping trip into one you'll never forget. Camping is a great family activity or a perfect getaway for old friends. There is nothing like getting away from it all, eating great food you cooked together, sharing stories, and exploring the great outdoors. But, in order to have an amazing camping experience, you'll need to get the right equipment. It's true that camping doesn't require much because the essence of a camping trip is leaving the stresses of daily life behind to enjoy nature and simplicity. But, the few things it does require such as a camping tent are necessities you can't leave home without.

Choosing the right outdoor camping tent for your needs can be overwhelming at first because there are so many different types, brands, and sizes available on the market. The good news is that once you learn some basics about different types of camping tents and how to use them, you can find the perfect one for you without a problem. The most important step in shopping for a camping tent is going over your personal needs. Think about how many people usually come along on your trip, if you go with family, if you prefer a simple tent or one with modern features, and the typical weather conditions in your area.

Despite differences in types and brands, tents are categorized by their capacity. One of the most important factors you need to consider when buying an outdoor camping tent is the number of people that will be using it. Some people assume that if a tent is designed for two people, they'll have no problem accommodating a small child, but this can be a devastating mistake. Tents are made to be used as portable housing, so most have no extra space, just room for sleeping. If anything, you should buy a larger tent than you think you'll need. So, if you are looking for a two-person tent, think about getting a three-person tent. You'll have more room and the ability to invite one more person to come along with you in the future. Just keep in mind that the larger the tent, the more it weighs, so you'll need to be able to transport it.

Just as important is buying a weather-resistant tent. You need to be protected from the cold, and other elements such as rain. If you plan to camp during the spring or summer, a three-season tent should be enough to protect you. Your tent needs to be waterproof, and it needs to keep the warm air inside to keep you warm on a cool night. If you plan to camp in colder environments, then your best bet is the four-season tent. It will keep you warm and protected from most harsh weather conditions.

After you settle on the size and type of tent that will fit your needs, look for strong fabric, so your tent can last for a long time. Choose your outdoor camping tent carefully because it can make or break your camping experience. The right tent is a must-have for planning those exciting camping trips you'll remember for many years.


Northwest Hiking: Hiking The Coast And The Mountains Of Oregon

Hiking is one of Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiast's favorite activities. Oregon and SW Washington offer an incredible variety of forests, parks and national monuments ready for exploration and appreciation. Hikers should not be taken by surprise in this incredible area of the country however. Forest, coastal lands and cave hiking all present unique challenges to any hiker. The Pacific Northwest can prove to be dangerous if hikers are unprepared.

Forest Trail Hiking

The Northwest's forest trails are ideal hiking destinations because the scenery and beauty are unmatched by any other location. These trails wind through lush pine and fir tree wooded areas, tranquil open meadows, and creek and river crossed landscapes. The native wildlife - beavers, foxes, deer, elk, songbirds, squirrels - make it an ideal place for nature watchers. Oregon and Washington have very well maintained trailways and they take pride in their stewardship of the forests here. However, hikers should still be prepared for the unexpected in these areas.

The most important item to pack on any hiking trip, especially in the summer months, is water. Food is a close second. Emergency lights and signals are also essential for any recreational hiker. Traditional roadside flares or signal lights are not an option in the Northwest wilderness as likelihood of starting an unintentional fire is very high. A LED emergency light is small, lightweight, affordable, and offers powerful, high-quality light that can be used as a distress signal as well as a flashlight.

A multi-purpose pocket knife is also essential to safe hiking in the Northwest. These tools often include miniature scissors and pliers, tweezers and a compass which can all be useful to a hiker. The basic knife blade in these tools can be helpful to scratch trees and branches in order to mark an unfamiliar trail should you get lost. Consider packing mosquito repellent and sun block when hiking these forest trails as well.

Coastal Hiking

The Pacific Northwest is known for its unpredictable and sometimes treacherous coastal weather. Hikers are advised to dress for the elements when hiking along coast range trails. A rain jacket and sturdy, waterproof boots are essential. The Oregon or SW Washington coast is are often overtaken by dense, heavy fog coverage. These fogs can come in without warning, stranding and disorientating hikers who are unprepared. It is important to bring a powerful LED flashlight or lantern when hiking this area to illuminate the trail or campsite as well as alert help should you need it.

Cave Hiking

Cave hiking is one of the more dangerous forms of recreational hiking. This activity requires specific safety equipment and long-term planning. Along with multiple light sources, appropriate clothing and plenty of food and water, one must also make sure to bring protective head gear, rope, and climbing gloves. Experts recommend headlamps when cave hiking to allow for hands-free hiking. If considering cave hiking in the Northwest, contact a professional in the area who can provide specific equipment needs and precautions.

Hiking the Pacific Northwest trails is an incredible outdoor experience. A summer can be spent enjoying several trails, all with their own unique landscapes and beauties. Whether hiking through the Umpqua or Deschutes National Forests or exploring the Coast's Oregon Sand Dunes, hikers will not be disappointed so long as they come prepared.

~Ben Anton, 2008


10 Advantages of Hennessy Camping Hammocks

Hennessy camping hammocks are a great alternative to using a regular tent while camping. Here are ten features of a Hennessy that really give them an advantage over other camping hammocks and traditional tents. Many of their features are also patented, such as the first five features listed below.

  1. They are easy to get in an out of through a bottom flap. You just duck your head and walk into the middle of the camping hammock, you turn around and sit down, lay back and lift your feet and the entrance snaps closed beneath you.
  2. It has a unique asymmetrical shape. Hennessy discovered that most people like lying diagonal on a hammock because it gives maximum comfort. So they developed some of their hammocks with a diagonal axis, they call this the "A-sym". The left side anchor point is moved up by your shoulder and the right anchor point of the hammock is by your knee. This makes the hammock feel longer and makes it wider in the middle.
  3. It has a "snap tight" zipperless closure that uses your body weight to automatically snap closed behind you when you lay down. Some of the Hennessy camping hammocks has velcro to fully seal the closure, so no worries when moving around while you sleep.
  4. Hennessy hammocks have a "never-tip" center balance design. Let's face it, the most nerve wracking experience about a hammock is feeling like you are going to flip over when you try to get on. With the center enter through the bottom, this feeling is eliminated. The fist time I used a Hennessy, I was very pleased with this feature, I never felt like I was going to tip over.
  5. It is made with a "perfect set" comfort curve, meaning that the hammock maintains the same comfortable shape during each use and it keeps you back straight when lying on the diagonal.
  6. Windproof. Both the mesh and other material deflects the wind, making the inside the calm in the storm.
  7. Hennessy camping hammocks are waterproof. All hammocks come with a waterproof rain-fly that can be tilted to any angle for rain run off or wind conditions, it can be rolled up above the hammock when not in use, it may be completely removed or you can use it on its own.
  8. All Hennessy hammocks have large no-see-um netting that keep the bugs out while allowing air to flow through the hammock, also great for star gazing at night! Not only that, the unique flap design, when properly used and sealed, keeps bugs from getting into the hammock at night when you are sleeping, or during the day when you are away from camp.
  9. Hennessy camping hammocks have nylon webbing straps to protect tree bark when it is set up, plus it provides a greater span for the ropes.
  10. All but the smallest and lightest Hennessy camping hammocks have a triangular mesh gear pocket, glove hooks and carabiner loops. The pocket is perfect for keeping the small things safe, such as your wallet, keys or a small flashlight. You can use the loops and a carabiner to attach such things as a water bottle or a day pack. These are very handy, and something I really like about Hennessy camping hammocks.
There may be other camping hammocks available on the market, but none of them come close to offering all that Hennessy has to offer. And with patents on many of their prime design features, it is no wonder that they have the corner on the market of outstanding camping hammocks.


Bird Watching Binoculars: Enter A New World Of Bird Watching Wonder

Binoculars are one of the essentials when it comes bird watching. They take a tiny speck and turn it into something you can not only see but identify as part of your bird watching experience. There are a number of different brands and styles that are available on the market ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars a pair depending on what you are looking for.

For basic bird watching, a standard set that you find in any hardware or sporting goods store will probably be appropriate to your needs. They are only a few dollars and usually hold up fairly well. Binoculars are always rated with two numbers. The first indicates the magnification power that the binoculars has. The second number indicates the front lens diameter.

Usually these are written in the following manner 7x23. This set of numbers indicates that the binoculars have a magnification of seven with a diameter of 23 millimeters on the front lens. The magnification power of the binoculars that you want depends on how far you plan to be away from the birds you are planning to watch. If you are planning to watch just around your neighborhood at birds that may be in trees or on the ground, then a lighter magnification will probably work. For those that want the ability to spend a large amount of time watching birds interact naturally or where the required distance is significantly greater than watching normal everyday birds, you will want to get a stronger magnification.

There are binoculars that have a single level of magnification, these are usually the basic style that allow simply a slight amount of focusing. There are then the styles that allow you to be able to alter not only the focus of the lens but also the level of magnification, allowing you to adjust between objects that are closer and farther away without having to have additional sets of binoculars.

When purchasing binoculars, check them out and make sure they are not too heavy. Some pairs can be hard to handle or hold up for longer periods of time, so this is another factor that you should consider if you are in the market to purchase a pair of binoculars. There are a number of lightweight models that offer a full range of features without being hard to handle. This is essential if you are planning to carry them around while trekking looking for birds or planning on sitting for long periods of time holding them up.

Nothing ruins a bird watching trip more than ending up not being able to spend the time you want or get to where you want due to the weight of the equipment. Some of the features to look for is scratch resistance on the lens, and a way to carry them other than in your hand or around your neck. This will help to not only protect them, but keep them out of the way while you are making your way to your location of choice.


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